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    Reduce costs and increase collections with a billing service that specializes in pain management.

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    With CEMG practice and group management the statement, "You take care of the patients and we will take care of the business" will never ring more true.

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Want to sell your practice?

Looking to move, retire, sell to an associate or partner, or merge with another entity? Need to maximize your profit in that transition? Consider the following when selling your practice:

Proper Valuation

For many practices, profits are lost before the sale even begins. Pain Physicians are one of the most specialized and skilled specialties in today's medical world. Given that, an inaccurate and uninformed valuation of a practice is harmful to the bottom line. C E Medical Group has the specific expertise in Pain Management to provide you with a proper valuation of your practice. We will make sure you don't leave any value behind.

Finding a Buyer

Once you have a proper valuation, finding a buyer becomes your next daunting task. C E Medical Group exposes and markets your practice through a wide variety of relationships and listings to maximize your ability to find a buyer. C E Medical Group has a network of pain medicine physicians looking to acquire your practice. They, also, won't let you settle for any buyer but will help qualify and find the right buyer for your practice.

Maximize Your Profit

Many of our clients have been surprised to find out that their practice is worth millions. With a proper valuation and proper selling exposure, C E Medical Group can maximize the profit in selling your practice. Contact one of our consultants today for a free consultation to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in the process, whether we represent you or not.
Click here to Contact Us today to learn the worth of your practice.

Their professional consultants continually helped me and the buyer through difficult logistic and lending challenges to ultimately sell my practice for the full listed price."
- Dr. Ispirescu

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Once you get through the excitement of deciding to merge with another practice or to purchase a new medical practice, you get hit with the reality of the complexity of such transactions. CEMG can help simplify the process. Consider the following elements of a merger or acquisition and how CEMG can be of service to you:

Taking the Leap

Most likely, you're ready to get out of your current employment status, or you wouldn't be reading this information. It's a scary leap, but you know you should take it. The question is, how should you take the leap?

Starting your own practice can be costly and provide a much slower return on investment. Purchasing an existing practice that is well-established with a strong patient base, trained employees, and existing cash flow is a much quicker way to get established and have an immediate return on your investment.

With CEMG, the process becomes immediately realistic by having access to the all the resources necessary to make it happen. Take the leap! You deserve it!

Finding the Right Practice

You may already have your eye on a specific practice, or you've listed the criteria you would like to see in your practice acquisition. Maybe you're negotiating a merger with another practice or would like to consider it. In either case, this is one of the most important decisions of your life. It’s important to make sure that:

  • practice valuations are appropriate
  • disclosures are complete and accurate in the form of a detailed portfolio
  • the practice meets your purchasing criteria
  • all parties involved understand the nature and terms of the transaction

CEMG will provide all of these services throughout your purchasing process; and, if you don't already have a practice in mind, CEMG will match you up with a practice that is a perfect fit for you.

The Acquisition Process

Once you have the right practice in mind, it’s time to finish the transaction. Here is the short list of things to consider as you do so:

  • secure an appropriate funding resource
  • coordinate the financing with the lender with proper valuations and other financial information about the practice
  • get the appropriate legal paperwork and processing in place
  • create a strong transition plan with appropriate contracts and agreements (including any partnership agreements if applicable)

Each of these items represent a potential painstaking and complicated process. CEMG will take you step by step through this part of the transaction, including introducing you to a wide variety of funding and legal resources that specialize in pain management clinics (many offer specialized programs only available to doctors and healthcare professionals). They will make sure that each step is completed properly and efficiently, making your purchasing experience a more manageable and pleasant experience.

Contact Us today for a full listing of the acquisition opportunities

I would encourage anyone to use C E Medical Group if they are looking to buy or sell a practice."
- Dr. Ispirescu

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Expansion Services

If it's time to expand, that means good things are happening in your practice. You either have a good idea of what needs to be expanded, or you know it's time to expand but you're not sure what to expand and how. Consider the following types of expansions and what they would do for your practice:

  • Expand your modalities offered
  • Add new allied or physician specialties to the practice
  • Add a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner so you can maximize your time with new patients and procedures
  • Add another physician partner, employee, or independent contractor
  • Establishing an "ASC" (Surgery Center) so you can capitalize on facility fees
  • Add a new location or identify satellite office space
  • Develop a proper marketing plan to expand your physician referral base and increase volume
  • Tele medicine
  • And others..

If you need help establishing your expansion goals, CEMG can help define what would work best for you and your practice, and then implement the services needed to make it happen. Click here for a free expansion analysis for your practice.

I would highly recommend C E Medical Group's services to anyone who would like to improve their bottom line."
- Dr. Wahlen

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New Location Establishment

What an exciting time! You're ready to open your practice or expand to a new location, but now you get to deal with all the challenges of it. Let's start your list:

  • Find the right location
  • Go through all the purchasing and/or build out processes necessary
  • Plan the logistics of actually moving
  • Move
  • Transition
  • Etc. etc.

Simple, right? It can be. CEMG has put together a checklist of over 140 steps to consider when moving to a new location. However it's not just the list that makes it simple. CEMG will personally take you through each of the 140 steps to consider when starting a new practice or expanding to a new location..

Click here for a free location and moving analysis for your practice.

"(C E Medical Group's) integrity and work ethic have resulted positively to my bottom line."
- Dr. Wisman

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Allied and Physician Recruiting

Wouldn't it be great if your best friend or your most trusted family member was the physician you were looking for? That would certainly make expanding your practice so much easier. With CEMG, you might not be to far from that dream. The processes they will implement to help you find and recruit professionals for your practice will be as close to hiring your best friend as you can get. Here are the highlights of this service:

  • 100% contingency agreement - We only collect if we perform.
  • Specialized focus - Determine the best fit for you, your personality and your practice, and find the recruit that suits your needs.
  • Filtered Results - From your profile, specific providers that meet your criteria are extracted from a database of thousands.
  • Detailed Descriptions - Get all the specific details about every opportunity.

Get your search started today. Click here for a free recruiting consultation.

Physician Employment Opportunities

In this industry, you don't find employment on monster.com or other generic employment listings and services. Finding a service that specializes in pain management and other physician placement is rare. With CEMG, you have a lock on finding the right opportunity for placement. Services include:

  • Nationwide physician employment opportunities
  • Private practice or hospital placement
  • Filtering technology and services to find the specific opportunity you are looking for
  • Focus on Pain Management and related specialties - connected with a network of over 6000 practices across the U.S.
  • No cost to the employment candidate - fees are only related to the employer upon successful placement
  • Placement opportunities for physicians' and physician's assistants
  • and many more..
  • I would recommend C E Medical Group's services without hesitation."
    - Dr. Wisman

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    "You take care of the patients and we will take care of your business"

    Our Goals for Your Practice:

    • Increase your profit
    • Establish or improve your practice in a marked and definable way
    • Create an environment where the business of your practice takes care of itself so you can focus on clinical care
    • Servicing:

      • Physicians
      • Physician Groups
      • Outpatient Facilities
      • Private Investors
      • Medical Office Management
      • Administration


      • Demographic analysis
      • Competition analysis
      • Business plan
      • Market strategies
      • Payer mix research
      • Medical reimbursement
      • Community, population, and real estate/rental property research
      • Equipment cost
      • Patient & referral base estimates and research
      • Overhead cost analysis
      • Estimated revenue generation
      • Owner's personal compensation analysis
      • State laws and regulations research
      • Feasibility Studies
      • And much more!

      Implementation Services:

      • Identifying location, acquiring the land/building, or leasing space
      • Purchase or lease of medical equipment
      • Contracts, legalities
      • Licensing/credentialing
      • Financial backing: we are networked with many lenders, equity groups, capital partners, and private investors
      • Identifying staff/employees
      • Billing software installed and maintained by CEMG Medical Billing (a 3rd party billing company). Establishing internal billing or identifying other 3rd party companies are also options
      • Financial software and systems installation
      • Patient base systems (electronic and/or hard)
      • Networking/referrals - local family practice clinics, IPAs, etc.
      • Advertising - yellow pages, magazines, grand opening, & internet
      • Interim administrative management
      • And much more!

      C E Medical Group has handled everything for me from practice establishment, billing, and even being my management group. It is because of them that I have been able to just focus on the patients and have true success."
      - Dr. Peterson

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